Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Purple Paint & a MoHawk...

.... Thanks Mom.

Ya, somebody stumbled across the purple paint & stencils. I guess I deserved it since I did crawl out of the fence & take a jaunt around the neighborhood.
Here is what she did to me:

Ít says Í ran off so now mom made me super fan...um... Go K-State!...'
Apparently, it's all for some contest, the K-State Super Fan Contest. For one of the photos she even dog shamed me. ugh. haha oh well, it was kinda funny. Although, when I laid down my hair crunched. She used this big white can, Aqua Net, that was really sticky, & made my hair stand straight up. Then lady sprayed me purple, cut a KSU stencil, then sprayed it on too!


Well, better go vote for her. I know it'll make her happy. Hey, maybe I'll even get a car ride out of it too.  CLICK ON THIS TO VOTE! Once there, click on SUPER FAN VOTE & find Dallas, RUNAWAY FAN.


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