About Us

Dallas: I'm a 10 year old, female kelpie-Aussie cross... Who puts up with these other 3 clowns. I've been with my lady since I was 5 1/2 weeks old.

Bruiser: I'm Bruiser. I'm single. I'm a male English bulldog. And no I don't have an accent. My lady calls me a charity case... I guess that's because she picked me up from some neglectors when I was 4. I'm 8 now.

Tucker & Louie: HEY THERE! We are 1 1/2 year old Aussie St Bernard mutts. My brother Louie is like Houdini, he can get out of everything. I, on the other hand can't. I also can't stand when my brother is gone. We just got to this lady & guys house & love it!

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