Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Lady Aussie: Dallas

Born April 20th, 2002

10 years ago, a little red kelpie whelped a litter of kelpie - Australian shepherd pups. 5 1/2 weeks later a lady took my siblings to random houses saying, "here ya go! Enjoy!" However, I was the last one in the truck. Then we pulled up to a yellow house, & we were greeted by a brown haired, spotted girl. She took me, changed my given name, argued with those older then her (I'm assuming her parents), & there I stayed. At first I was put in a tiny little kennel by her bed, I whined & realized if I was quiet she'd let me out. The only other dogs in this house were a couple old rats... weenie dogs is what others call them... I'd say they have size issues. I ruled the place & my girl took me everywhere! Including this place, a draft horse ranch slash dog kennel, where I had tons of other dogs to play with & creatures to chase. I know there's a breed in my blood with 'cattle' in the name, yet I hate those huge 4 hoofed beasts. I did like working with their smaller snorty version, the pig. Their feed & poo is Delicious!
One of my lady's' favorite stories to tell about me is when she was truck bed training me. So, there I was normally leashed to the hitch in the white pick up, short enough I couldn't go over the edge. I LOVE riding in the back of the truck!!! One day she let me off the leash, then stopped & left me all alone. As I looked around I noticed there were no doors on the place my lady went into, so I jumped out & went to find her. Once inside I could smell her a little but there was also a ton of fruit, veggies, & other pedestrians. They began to laugh, & one kid even yelled at me to get out, but I wasn't leaving until I found my lady. Then 'TaDa!!" There she was, I was so happy! After I ran up to her we left right away... never knew what lady was up to, oh well. Didn't go back in one of those, decided the truck was always safer & lady would always come back.
Basically to sum me up:
I love going on walks with lady. I kind of have selective hearing. I attempt to run with vehicles, only they always beat me. I love to dig & take runs around the neighborhood. Mornings hanging with my lady in bed are the best.  The back of the truck is the only way to ride. Squirrels & rabbits are amazing! Bruiser is a turd. Guns, fireworks, & thunder give me the sweats. I love the snow & cold weather. I don't like dogs on leashes & think they're wimps. Water, eh I don't see what's so great about it unless everyone is in it. Toys, you can play with 'em I'll watch. I love ANY human food, even the green stuff. Howlers & raccoons deserve a talking to. I love a good belly rub & HATE spa days!
And I love my lady like no other & lay by her when somethings wrong... she even calls me princess!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Some gather around water coolers or computers, but we canines prefer the hydrant. It's short. It's smell is always changing. And i's always around.
My friends and I decided we'd try this blog thing out and share what we love, tell stories, share pictures & videos of our friends, write reviews of new products, & fill you in on any good places to stroll.
If you have a photo you'd like to share we'd gladly post it. Along with any other tidbits.
Email at: aroundthehydrant@gmail.com

- Dallas

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