Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Purple Paint & a MoHawk...

.... Thanks Mom.

Ya, somebody stumbled across the purple paint & stencils. I guess I deserved it since I did crawl out of the fence & take a jaunt around the neighborhood.
Here is what she did to me:

Ít says Í ran off so now mom made me super fan...um... Go K-State!...'
Apparently, it's all for some contest, the K-State Super Fan Contest. For one of the photos she even dog shamed me. ugh. haha oh well, it was kinda funny. Although, when I laid down my hair crunched. She used this big white can, Aqua Net, that was really sticky, & made my hair stand straight up. Then lady sprayed me purple, cut a KSU stencil, then sprayed it on too!


Well, better go vote for her. I know it'll make her happy. Hey, maybe I'll even get a car ride out of it too.  CLICK ON THIS TO VOTE! Once there, click on SUPER FAN VOTE & find Dallas, RUNAWAY FAN.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dog Shaming

When lady came home from work & got on the pc she was checking out this site: Dog Shaming.com... She was laughing histerically too. So, furry friends beware when you're two legged buddies are placing signs & grabbing the camera. This is where that picture ends up. Or if you send it to me I'll post it... Afterall they are pretty funny.

... Guess I better stop chewing underwear & stealing kleenix out of the trash 
- Dallas

Sleepy Time

It's been a rough week! Sometimes I don't even mind sleeping next to that crazy cat... as long as she's quiet & keeps the light off.

- Bruiser

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Gremlin Bulldog: Bruiser

Born March 3, 2004

Hey! well round four years go my lady came across a flier, then she showed up & put me in the Jetta for the ride to her home. My old like wasn't much, but my new place was great then we moved to the country with a creek! Now that was fun. Love chasing leaves n sticks down the water. Only none of that deep stuff, can't swim. Now, we live in Topeka. Dallas is still around. Lady & Guy also brought home these other two yoohoos! We play. We fight.
I LOVE 5 gallon buckets & barrells! Anything I can chew on. Chasing tires & trucks has gotten me into trouble but I love them. I even jump at overpasses. A good cheap entertaining toy I like are water or 2 liter bottles. I also won't refuse a car ride either, especially riding shotgun! Water is a great entertainment piece. Back in Manhattan, there was an awesome fountain, you know the kind that sprise pop out of the ground that kids play in, is extremely fun to romp in. Wish Topeka would one.
I have 3 tricks: sit, lay down, & speak. Not very patient though, if there's a treat around I'll just run through my tricks one after another.

If I had a warning label:
 - When riding in vehicles: I will jump at overhead bridges, semi trucks, loud motorcycles, & hail. Also, bites the air if head out of window... I would love to jump only if it wasn't that far enough down.
 - During rainy season I wish for NO thunder & lightning or have a safe room. I will go crazy during a storm! My roommate's don't really like it.
 - Wheels: Dangerous. I will take out your bike OR skates. I attacks the lawn mover. Chases any vehicle. (note: has been run over for doing this...twice)
 - I will beg for a place in bed or on the couch...especially if it's cold. Don't you dare turn on the light either. I am great at kennelling up & dressing up... a real ham! That is, when I want to. I love people! Even the little ones. The lady likes to say, "that dog may make a mess but he also can light up your day with just one look."
I've got plenty of crazy moments to share!

- Bruiser

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Lady Aussie: Dallas

Born April 20th, 2002

10 years ago, a little red kelpie whelped a litter of kelpie - Australian shepherd pups. 5 1/2 weeks later a lady took my siblings to random houses saying, "here ya go! Enjoy!" However, I was the last one in the truck. Then we pulled up to a yellow house, & we were greeted by a brown haired, spotted girl. She took me, changed my given name, argued with those older then her (I'm assuming her parents), & there I stayed. At first I was put in a tiny little kennel by her bed, I whined & realized if I was quiet she'd let me out. The only other dogs in this house were a couple old rats... weenie dogs is what others call them... I'd say they have size issues. I ruled the place & my girl took me everywhere! Including this place, a draft horse ranch slash dog kennel, where I had tons of other dogs to play with & creatures to chase. I know there's a breed in my blood with 'cattle' in the name, yet I hate those huge 4 hoofed beasts. I did like working with their smaller snorty version, the pig. Their feed & poo is Delicious!
One of my lady's' favorite stories to tell about me is when she was truck bed training me. So, there I was normally leashed to the hitch in the white pick up, short enough I couldn't go over the edge. I LOVE riding in the back of the truck!!! One day she let me off the leash, then stopped & left me all alone. As I looked around I noticed there were no doors on the place my lady went into, so I jumped out & went to find her. Once inside I could smell her a little but there was also a ton of fruit, veggies, & other pedestrians. They began to laugh, & one kid even yelled at me to get out, but I wasn't leaving until I found my lady. Then 'TaDa!!" There she was, I was so happy! After I ran up to her we left right away... never knew what lady was up to, oh well. Didn't go back in one of those, decided the truck was always safer & lady would always come back.
Basically to sum me up:
I love going on walks with lady. I kind of have selective hearing. I attempt to run with vehicles, only they always beat me. I love to dig & take runs around the neighborhood. Mornings hanging with my lady in bed are the best.  The back of the truck is the only way to ride. Squirrels & rabbits are amazing! Bruiser is a turd. Guns, fireworks, & thunder give me the sweats. I love the snow & cold weather. I don't like dogs on leashes & think they're wimps. Water, eh I don't see what's so great about it unless everyone is in it. Toys, you can play with 'em I'll watch. I love ANY human food, even the green stuff. Howlers & raccoons deserve a talking to. I love a good belly rub & HATE spa days!
And I love my lady like no other & lay by her when somethings wrong... she even calls me princess!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Some gather around water coolers or computers, but we canines prefer the hydrant. It's short. It's smell is always changing. And i's always around.
My friends and I decided we'd try this blog thing out and share what we love, tell stories, share pictures & videos of our friends, write reviews of new products, & fill you in on any good places to stroll.
If you have a photo you'd like to share we'd gladly post it. Along with any other tidbits.
Email at: aroundthehydrant@gmail.com

- Dallas

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