Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Lady Aussie: Dallas

Born April 20th, 2002

10 years ago, a little red kelpie whelped a litter of kelpie - Australian shepherd pups. 5 1/2 weeks later a lady took my siblings to random houses saying, "here ya go! Enjoy!" However, I was the last one in the truck. Then we pulled up to a yellow house, & we were greeted by a brown haired, spotted girl. She took me, changed my given name, argued with those older then her (I'm assuming her parents), & there I stayed. At first I was put in a tiny little kennel by her bed, I whined & realized if I was quiet she'd let me out. The only other dogs in this house were a couple old rats... weenie dogs is what others call them... I'd say they have size issues. I ruled the place & my girl took me everywhere! Including this place, a draft horse ranch slash dog kennel, where I had tons of other dogs to play with & creatures to chase. I know there's a breed in my blood with 'cattle' in the name, yet I hate those huge 4 hoofed beasts. I did like working with their smaller snorty version, the pig. Their feed & poo is Delicious!
One of my lady's' favorite stories to tell about me is when she was truck bed training me. So, there I was normally leashed to the hitch in the white pick up, short enough I couldn't go over the edge. I LOVE riding in the back of the truck!!! One day she let me off the leash, then stopped & left me all alone. As I looked around I noticed there were no doors on the place my lady went into, so I jumped out & went to find her. Once inside I could smell her a little but there was also a ton of fruit, veggies, & other pedestrians. They began to laugh, & one kid even yelled at me to get out, but I wasn't leaving until I found my lady. Then 'TaDa!!" There she was, I was so happy! After I ran up to her we left right away... never knew what lady was up to, oh well. Didn't go back in one of those, decided the truck was always safer & lady would always come back.
Basically to sum me up:
I love going on walks with lady. I kind of have selective hearing. I attempt to run with vehicles, only they always beat me. I love to dig & take runs around the neighborhood. Mornings hanging with my lady in bed are the best.  The back of the truck is the only way to ride. Squirrels & rabbits are amazing! Bruiser is a turd. Guns, fireworks, & thunder give me the sweats. I love the snow & cold weather. I don't like dogs on leashes & think they're wimps. Water, eh I don't see what's so great about it unless everyone is in it. Toys, you can play with 'em I'll watch. I love ANY human food, even the green stuff. Howlers & raccoons deserve a talking to. I love a good belly rub & HATE spa days!
And I love my lady like no other & lay by her when somethings wrong... she even calls me princess!

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